Jason Brooks

(Chief Executive Officer)

Allison Taylor

(Chief Operating Officer)

Nish Jain

(Institutional Desk)

Akshat Jain (AJ)

(Institutional Desk)

Our Team

Nish Jain – EMDR

    Nish Jain heads the institutional desk at Pennant Capital Partners Inc focusing on illiquid investments. Nish’s experience spans a variety of industries, with a focus on real estate, hospitality, financial and business services and brings over 10 years of experience in financial restructuring and investment management. Prior to Pennant, Nish served as a senior trader in a rapidly growing commodity trading firm, and led the firm to the title of Canada’s top 10 fastest growing companies by Profit Magazine. He also served as an associate in HSBC’s Financial division where he was recognized several times for his outstanding performance. Nish is an Harvard Business School Alumni and holds a bachelor of science in applied economics with concentration on finance from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.